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Manifestation Miracle

Manifestation Miracle

By Heather Matthews 
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Are You Who You Want to Be?

When you think about what we really do in life, beneath the superficial level of work and mundane tasks, what we actually do is manage stories. Stories about who we are, what we represent, what values and what kind of history we hold.

These stories intermingle with other people's stories and in this friction is where success happens. If other people recognize your story as an extension of their own, then you too could become a beneficiary of their positive attention. Because, in the end, we are not just living in a universe, but in a human universe; every aspect of our lives depends on our relationships with other people.

This intricate interaction may come under many labels through the ages, but you may have already heard of it being called as the "Law of Attraction".[1]

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be the final word on the subject, but merely the author's perspective.

How to Become More?

For many, judging by the positive reviews and testimonials, this new way of looking at life may be just what they needed in order to transform their lives. But for some, it did not help them achieve their desired goals. Manifestation Miracle aims to be the remedy for this failure.

To consider one's life a success is not as fleeting and subjective as it might seem at first glance. After all, most of it is biologically driven: having fruitful, long-lasting relationships, stable family, strong societal status, health…and one way or another the success in each area comes from your actions with others:

But most importantly, it is how you manage the relationship with yourself that is the key that opens the doors to other people's stories:

To make these things potentially transpire in your life, and to become the person that others are attracted to - financially, emotionally, and romantically - you may have to tweak your own story – the engine that produces all of your habits and outlooks.

A Sound Basis

Manifestation Miracle is not based on wishful thinking, or some kind of mystical trickery and sophistry. It is grounded on an effective and proven psychological technique that, if applied consistently in your daily life, gradually transforms how you approach things, from mundane to most impacting.


Traditionally, positive thinking and visualization have been the go-to techniques that facilitate your transition to a more successful life, but with Manifestation Miracle, you will find that there is more to it than that; those techniques are just a fraction of what is necessary to achieve the final goal that helps with any endeavor – how to do more with less.

As you follow the path of this journey, through easy-to-understand instructions, audio and video materials, you can get closer and closer to becoming in sync with reality that is compatible with your own emerging story, that reaches out to you through other people who begin to see the new you.*

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

What’s Inside The Package?

In the Manifestation Miracle package you will receive the following:

Manifestation Miracle
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  1. Byrne, Rhonda. The secret. Simon and Schuster, 2006.

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